Most of the time, the first people’s reaction in front of this artwork is « Heww, wiered »… however, this is one of the most relevant interpretations of the « mirror philosophy » I had for this collection creation. Let’s discuss the art itself:

Bizango is a voodoo Chief from the Haitian Voodoo part that can be described like this (if you want to know more, check this -amazing- French site):

Born out of necessity, Voodoo embraces magic and religion in a way that is both autonomous and fusional. From this point of view, it differs from the Judeo-Christian tradition, which, since the Middle Ages, has purged its magical side. In Voodoo, every temple, even the most religious in the conventional sense, is placed under the patronage of several Loa travay, deities who, as the phonetics indicate (Loa travay is close to « I work » in French), work. They also provide services and ensure the prosperity of those to whom they belong.
During the ceremony, these Loa are summoned. There is no question of paying them a religious homage, which in itself is indicative of a magical practice. The Loa, in exchange for regular gifts of food, offers protection and predictions to the faithful during divination sessions. […]. The obligation of effectiveness has a second consequence. In a changing world, all knowledge, if we do not want it to become obsolete, must also evolve in the direction of optimization. We find the illustration of this observation in the following testimony of a Bizango chief:

Bizango serves to prove that a man can learn to change. That’s why bizango means: learning to change. We live in a world and we can change this world. In this world, people watching us can see us transforming into pigs, chickens, donkeys, any animal or just objects. That’s what we call bizango – change, that’s what it comes down to, moving form.

The Bride: Alway in correlation with my feminity illustration, I have designed this bride to be the reflection of the skull, anyway the lace offers continuity in the main idea of the artwork; everything changes, and then we have to embrace the change more than fighting against. The mirror explicit this resistance and if we do so we will be stuck in a partial vision of life.

The result

TOM S33K LETSCHER – Bizango & the Bride (2021)

Bizango & the Bride – 2021

PLA – Acrylic

1 000€*, if you want more detail or to buy it, please contact me.

*shipping is not included

The process

Written by TØM S33K

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