Born in 1977, Thomas S33K LETSCHER, discover art world at 5 through music while learning classical piano. Always interested by creation purpose, he begins contemporaneous music composition when he was young.

Beeing a visual creative, he always wanted to reproduce images ha has in mind. Not interested in institutional Art studies, he discover the 3D modeling world and manage an IT career when he was 17. Since, 3D is the base for his graphical creation, and Thomas S33K LETSCHER claims the legitimacy of this new generation of visual artists: digital creators.

Then 3D printing appears, that makes possible physical pieces factoring of his creations (by allowing selling as well). TØM S33K LETSCHER is now an international artist with an official artistic valuation : un artiste côté sur le marché de l’art mondial (in french).

This valuation is for him the real prove that art market now legitimate digital creation (even if we have to print it before). To support the digital way, TØM S33K LETSCHER opened his 3D virtual Art gallery.

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