For Opium-Art, 3D art galleries creation in WebGL

We had the chance to create a very special exhibition for geeks through the Geekopolis exhibition


This year was dedicated to the launching of my own company Opium-Art. I had the chance to be one of the 42 artists that took place at the first MOLA museum auction. The statue has been sold very quickly. I became since a valuated artist in the art world, and to be pretentious, one of the first artist in the world valuated on 3D printed art ([download id= »516″])


Rock & Roll comes to me in a very astonishing way, I had to create the SMOKY statue for 3D printing for the Rock Band THE DUKES


Personal creation

2007 – 2009

3D Creation design for VISIMMO 3D

E.Y.E (2006 – 2011)

Video Games – Streumon Studio

In charge of 3D modeling for female characters. This game has been the one that help the studio to be created ! Last game created by streumon : Space Hulk Deathwing


Second video game contribution to AYAL

In the meantime, I am trying to get involved into the industry with various 3D modeling tests


At that time, I spent lots of time on 3D Studio Max. It is all the beauty of beginner, proud of his work, and which, about ten years later, hesitates between throwing everything away, and to expose ! Conscious that the beauty is in the route, I have chosen to expose.

In the meantime, we find elements meadow determiners of my creative universe: the Japanese culture and the cybernetics.

First video game contribution: L.O.M (Life Of Mercenary). An Half-life 2 MOD game, I have created some weapons and goods. It was the first time that I have joined a 8 people team to be a part of this project.


Creation of my first communication agency IROKKOI (still alive thanks to my former shareholder Catherine Lefebvre).


Because one day you have to start creating… (do not judge me too hardly ^^)