When Eric asked me to create the Harlock gravity Saber, I thought that it can be a good speed modeling exercise. With the single blueprint that you may find at the end of the article , it took me 1h48 to create the STL Model. Rendering is made with MAX & V-RAY

FRONT view of the sword
REAR View of the sword

The flag design I have used can be found here: https://ilrifugiodilongjohnsilver.blogspot.com/2016/03/capitan-harlock-captain-harlock-space.html

The bluePrint was:

Download the STL

If you print it:

  • please send me a picture of the result
  • Do not forget to credit my name 🙂
  • Do not diffuse the STL directly, send people on my website instead.

You have to be a registered user to download. Then please login or register yourself and then…

Harlock Saber STL

Result – 3D print

Gregory Terni

Written by TØM S33K



Hi, I’m getting the same error when I try to download the file of “You do not have permission to access this download.” I was going to try to print this for personal use.


Hi Mell,

I have added the user registration form on the page to register yourself and be able to download the STL. Don’t forget to sent me some pictures of the result thomas.letscher(a)gmail.com. Cheers


Hello Gregory, A friend of mine will try to print it. If this is successful I will send you the file (an STL generated by 3DsMax with poly modeling is always hazardous).

Thank you for your interest anyway 🙂


Hello, thanks for reply. I’m trying to download it but I got an error, cant access to the site


Hi Greg,

Registration form added to the page. Please create an user and you will be able to download the STL. If you can send me some picture of the result at thomas.letscher(a)gmail.com. Thank you


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