A 3D Printer for Christmas gift, a lack of challenge, what can happend ?? 🙂

Shopping list, because every parts will not be printed:

LesPaul #1

3D concept & Printing


Assemblage, painting and finishing


Do it

Tech adviser : Liagan Blackwolf

Lets start the 2nd version :

LesPaul # 2

This one has never been printed

LesPaul #3 (aka “Brotherhood”)

Finally the 3 part model will never be print. I have repaired the first model with metal bars and this worked fine.

Anyway the PLA material looks to be too flexible to handle a rigid body for the guitar. I will change my plan to turn the guitar into an artwork. 

I will open a new Guitar 3D topic, but this time by customizing a Les Paul guitar Kit. Let’s follow this new amazing topic.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Henry Ford

Written by TØM S33K

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