After a (very) long musical rest, I finally decided to launch a challenging project for myself because this will bring me on stage as a singer and guitar player.

I have more and more interest in heavy and powerful rhythms and I finally decided to move my musical writing to blues/rock style. Anyway, those who heard the SOUL CLAIM sound on prime tole me that it was easy to recognize my style.

SOUL CLAIM will be a personal adventure to have some live sessions in Nantes and around. This is because of the personal side that the main purpose of the songs will be about the personal evolution and the way to grow up from a kid to become a man.

The first stones are here:

We will have soon the SoundCloud & Spotify accounts and live report on youtube, but to have that… I need some live session and dates, thx to help if you can 😉

Written by TØM S33K

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