TØM “S33K” LETSCHER – The Wood Mirror #13

The second artwork that was idling in my garage for many years. Now that the concept is clear the project has moved one easily. That being said, this creation is the bridge between the 3D Printed Les Paul Project and the Silk Mirror. The wood is a living material that reflects then the life (the… Read more »

TØM “S33K” LETSCHER – Bizango & the Bride

Most of the time, the first people’s reaction in front of this artwork is « Heww, wiered »… however, this is one of the most relevant interpretations of the « mirror philosophy » I had for this collection creation. Let’s discuss the art itself: Bizango is a voodoo Chief from the Haitian Voodoo part that can be described like… Read more »

TØM « S33K » LETSCHER – 16th of Oct. Exhibition Fine Art Creation

A lot of things are amazing in France, food, health, way of life, and in Nantes, in particular, we even have a lot of nice people who are living there, I am delighted to exhibit as a guest with the MH-Agency crew! Thanks to Mathieu Haas, I have been invited to dive deeper into my… Read more »

SOUL CLAIM Live Session #1 at the BALKABAR – Nantes

That was Awesome and so exciting to present for the first time the « Some Say I Am The Devil » tracklist:

Some Metal Opera project

thanks to Judicaële Pillon, we met with Inès (https://www.facebook.com/ines.lopezsanchezmathely). Multi-Artist, she also is an Opera singer. The idea was just to create a metal opera project because she had the will to discover the Metal side of the Wagnerian Odyssey. No idea of what we will provide as delivery 🙂

SOUL CLAIM, new song: Some say I am the Devil

Here we are… one new song Some say I am the Devil. Please listen to it and give me you feedback:

SOUL CLAIM is born

After a (very) long musical rest, I finally decided to launch a challenging project for myself because this will bring me on stage as a singer and guitar player. I have more and more interest in heavy and powerful rhythms and I finally decided to move my musical writing to blues/rock style. Anyway, those who… Read more »

Turn my Strat into a David Gilmour one

Well, I guess that like any guitarist I had one day the dream to own all my dream guitars. That includes a lot of models, but one of them is definitely a Strat to play either Y. Malmsteen or M. D Gilmour… I had the tabs of Fire & ice album … of have focused… Read more »

3D Booth creation

I received this booth creation by a friend who knows a friend who knows… anyway we discussed with Lucie from Waffle de Lys (https://www.waffledelys.com/ ) to renew her waffle booth. She is actually located in a huge mall close to NEW YORK and she had the will to make some changes to her booth. We… Read more »

Gaia Spirit Farewell

I shut down the web site http://gaia-spirit.com (even if I keep the domain name) so on last time, Founded in Dec. 2013 when Alex officially join the project. 19th of May 2015, Fabien join the clan as the bass player 2016, Alex decide to move back in Nederlands and Fabien decided to focus on his… Read more »

  • First ordering

    The initial brieffing has been twisted that’s why this picture become one of my personnal collection creation. I really like this artwork that I want to complete with other creations upon the « Skull » theme. My customer need a personal creation with some specific elements: A skull A melon hat Roses I will post again when… Read more »

  • New artwork

    Digital Geisha (Cyb-13) Digital 3D creation 100 x 100 cm You may find it on My Own Art Gallery

  • Official artist valuation on 3D printing

    That’s official! Next to the FD-ID auction « NeXT-Art Emotion » the 20th of November 2014, I became one of the first artist with a worldwide valuation for 3D printing. [download id= »516″]

  • My 3D art gallery opening

    I’m a digital artist, then I need a digital art gallery. That’s why I created my own 3D environment on My Own Art Gallery. You will discover my graphical master pieces (painting, digital creation and even 3D printing) and because I need to live, you can buy them at this same place.

  • First abstract painting

    Most of people see in this painting a giant stargate or an angel. I have represented two forces that I respect: Mother nature and Earth. Both forces are dancing in a cosmic ballet with an awesome dexterity, however contained by the devine emptyness, parcked in time and space segments. Those segments are themselves controled by the dichotomic… Read more »

  • New Zen & Digital artwork order

    An Art work impulsed by an order which didn’t succeed. Nevertheless, as I was  satisfied with it, I have decided to expose this work which may suit to somebody !

  • Is this the beginning of a new collection?

    …About skulls & Roses ? A customer order makes me work on skull purpose and I feel free to explore it. That’s why I’m happy to announce the beginning of a Skull Collection series. My objective gonna be work on skull through different culture prism. Keep in touch for the next draft. Let me know… Read more »